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GTWVW :: gt + runtime library for Win32 in xHarbour


GTWVW is an unofficial GT driver for xHarbour on Win32 platform, using GUI windows instead of Console, with multiple windows support.

Copyright © 2004 Budyanto Dj. <budyanto at centrin . net . id>

The release presented herein is not the latest version of GTWVW.
Current version of GTWVW is now available through xHarbour's CVS. The info presented herein may most probably be outdated, and you should therefore treat it as introductional info only.

See http://www.xharbour.org for more info.

Illustration:: xHarbour + GTWVW on a Real Application
xHarbour + GTWVW have been used in many production application, including mine. My application is (mostly) generated by an appgen tool called Zachary. The application used to be built as a text-based, 16-bit DOS application using Clipper. It is now a true 32-bit Windows program with a new look, thanks to xHarbour and GTWVW. Check some screenshots here.

Release: 26 September 2004
This release is parallel with xHarbour Beta1.1
Read what's new here.
(If you are a user of previous release of GTWVW, you MUST read what's new!)

For more info please read General Descriptions of GTWVW and List (and Description) of GTWVW Functions, or you may just download them all (source code, compiled library, documentation, and some samples).

Below are some illustrations to show you what is offered by GTWVW.

(Click on the image to download it and see it in its original size)

A screenshot of a simple gtwvw program. Notice the presence of native Windows controls, all of which are under control of programmer using xHarbour (Clipper language) syntax. Programmer doesn't have to know anything whatsoever about Windows Message Handling. So simple.

An evolution of a Clipper program

GTWVW is the simplest way to convert a pseudo-windowed Clipper application to a real windowed xHarbour application. No need to change the structure of your application. Check out the following sample.

A typical appearance of a Clipper program, with pseudo-windowing:

And here's the source code.

A quick-and-dirty touch with GTWVW turns it to a real windowed system:

See the source code here. Only 4 lines added (!) to original code.

(All modifications are guarded with __GTWVW__ directive for your easy assessment and to allow this program to be compiled back in Clipper).

You may then use GUI elements to give a better look to your program.

The modification is now not as simple as previous one. If you have many dialogs in your program, you may have to treat each one differently. Good programmers, however, usually standardize their user interfaces :-). See the source code here and see what modifications are made to have the above look.

(All modifications are guarded with __GTWVW__ directive for your easy assessment and to allow this program to be compiled back in Clipper).

What do you think?

GTWVW is a work in progress. I appreciate it if you would send me some feedback about it. Comments, criticisms, suggestions, anything is welcome.

Please send your feedback to <gtwvw at csacomputer . com>

Budyanto Dj.

This is the temporary placeholder of GTWVW courtesy of www.CSAcomputer.com